Children's Circle Daycare

During our time together we play in a variety of activity areas: Sensory-Dramatic-Science-Block-Creative-Cognitive As time passes, the group dynamics and interests change. We take our cues from the children when it comes to programming. Sometimes, we see a great interest in constructing, other times it is crafts, others preferred games and still others required more physical activity. We ensure that each child’s needs are taken into consideration. At this age the children receive great satisfaction from teaching us what they know.  The children are also continuing to develop social skills and problem-solving skills. We try to enforce a very inclusive environment in the Cool Cat Room. We help children engage in group activities and help them find the skills needed to learn how to play. Groups can often be intimidating so we help children find their way in. They must also learn that it is okay to play alone. Children need their personal space, too. Even at this age, children may need some guidance.

Cool Cats

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The children in the Cool Cat Room range in age from five to six years (senior kindergarten). The total number of children in the room is 30 but since the part-time children share full day spaces, there are only 24 children in the room at a time. There are three core staff in the room. Two ECE’s, and one assistant. Since the Cool Cats attend kindergarten, there are two separate groups: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both groups meet up from 4pm to 6pm, after school. 

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