Children's Circle Daycare

Children in the Dino Room are provided a range of activities before and after school.

Outdoor Activities - outdoor activities focus on large motor actions and include the use of equipment such as bikes, wagons, balls, the climber, monkey bars and the sand box. Outside time is also time for socialization.

Learning Circle - children are divided into two groups. The circles are based on the children's own interests. Storytelling, practicing listening skills through the use of puppets, singing, dancing drama, movement, musical instruments, group games and learning activities all provide them opportunity to be creative.

Indoor Activities - children work in small groups, participating in various activities that are open-ended and encourage self-help skills, problem solving and learning. Activities include sensory, blocks, art, books puzzles and drama.  We also engage in free play which allows the children to explore materials from all the various areas alone or in small groups. 


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The children in the Dino Room range in age from four to five years. The total number of children in the room is 24. There are three core staff in the room. Two early childhood educators, and two assistants.

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