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A Typical Day in the Hot Shot Room
Some full-time Hot Shots are here before school in the morning, spending time quietly socializing or playing in the gym or playground.       School-aged children who are in attendance by 8:30 a.m. are dropped off at their schools (Frankland, Jackman and Withrow). Most full-time Hot Shots are picked up at their schools and brought back to the daycare to enjoy a hot lunch. The children then play for a while before being dropped off again at their schools. All Hot Shots, full- and part-time, are picked up from Jackman, Frankland or Withrow schools at 3:30 p.m. and brought back to the daycare for the afternoon programme. With toys and activities in all developmental domains, interesting challenges and  lots of fun is ensured.

About Our Programs and Attendance during School-Breaks
Full-time Hot Shots can attend on P. A. Days and school breaks without incurring extra charges. After-school part-time Hot Shots may attend on a P. A. Day or school holiday and your   account is invoiced at  preschool rates. Lunch-only, part-time Hot Shots may  attend during other programmes with special permission from the  Supervisor.  Full-time and after school, part-time fees include mandatory holidays as we invoice based on enrolment and not attendance. Lunch-only, part-time fees apply only to school, part-time fees include mandatory holidays as we invoice based on enrolment and not attendance.

Hot Shots

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The Hot Shot age group of six to eight years allows each child to explore their potential in terms of leadership and following another child’s lead. They will feel safe and be able to express their full range of emotions and will be encouraged to discover alternatives to behaviours deemed socially unacceptable, whether too passive or too aggressive. Children in this age group begin to further expand their independence by following guidance from selected peers. We support peer grouping that promotes positive self-esteem among each group member, only interfering in peer groups and clubs when necessary.

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