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Fee Schedule for 2018

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Board of Directors

Children's Circle Daycare is a non-profit, charitable organization run by a Board of Directors composed of parents and representatives from St. Barnabas Anglican Church. 

​Our Annual General Meetings are held in November. Parental involvement on the board and its committees ensures the smooth operation of the daycare.

Policies & Parent REsources

Keep up with the events and activities of Children's Circle Daycare through our office newsletter.


Education & Play

We believe in child centered learning and base our programs on the emergent curriculum research that shows that learning in young children becomes significantly more meaningful when their natural interests are guiding the direction of their activities. Also, please look at our Program Statement.

We provide nutritious meals each day, made onsite in our own kitchen.  Our four- or five-week alternating menu offers a range of choices for children and provides options for children with food allergies. Also, please look at the dietitian's annual analysis

Spring/Summer 2018

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To provide a warm, caring, safe environment where children participate in varied activities such as creatives, music, story time and outdoor play. Our goal is to create a positive learning situation where children can have fun while learning.

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