Children's Circle Daycare

We comply with the Child Care and Early Years Act, the Child and Family Services Act, as well as the policies and regulations of the Ministry of Education (MEDU), City of Toronto Children’s Services and Toronto Public Health. Our daycare is inspected on an ongoing basis and reports are posted. There are a wide range of policies to support our commitment to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your children. 

All of our policies are also available for review in the office (for policies that are updated frequently, like the Parent Handbook, the most current versions will be available in the Daycare office before they are available online).  

The policies below represent the most frequently accessed or requested policies by our families.  

​If you have questions or concerns about any of our policies, please contact Theresa Radwanski at 416-461-5151.

1. Program Statement
2. Breastfeeding Policy
3. December Holiday Policy
4. Extreme Weather-based Cancellation Policy
5. Medication Administration Policy
6. Severe Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy

Policies and Parent Resources