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The Room Above age group of 8 to 10 years of age allows each child to explore their potential in terms of peer development with building leadership skills and yet following another child’s lead during team-building. They feel safe and able to express their full range of  emotions and encouraged to discover alternatives to behaviours deemed socially unacceptable, whether too passive or too aggressive. children in this age group are exploring their independence by following guidance from selected peers. We support peer-grouping that promotes positive self-esteem among each group member, only interfering in peer groups and clubs when necessary.

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A Typical Day in the Room Above
Whether your Room Above child is full time or part time…   With toys and activities in all developmental domains, interesting challenges and lots of fun are ensured. We strive for a healthy mix of regulated or imposed and child directed activities. Once the children have worked on, and usually completed, their homework/projects assigned by their class teachers, the children do what interests them. We have on-going skill-building activities such as hockey, balloon-sculpting, drawing and colouring, and language and math-related games.