Children's Circle Daycare

Sweet Peas

Necessary items on hand from home are:

· Three recent pictures of your infant
· One family picture
· Pacifier 
· Extra clothing (depending on season)
· Bottles (both glass and plastic are permitted)
· Cream (if necessary)
· Food*

​*(Only bought food is permitted in the infant room, if parents choose to provide it, the jars/containers of food need to have a visible expiry date)

What to Bring:

A comforting toy, or blanket that will help your child to feel safe and secure. Bottles and soothers are acceptable in the Infant Room.
Select a room:

The Infant Room has 10 spaces, for children from 12 months to 18 months. The staffing consists of three early childhood educators (ECE), and one assistant. In this room that fond memories begin and the wonderful, strong bonds of friendship are formed; friendships for the children and their parents, creating support in the enriching challenge of raising our children. We recognize that infants run on their own schedules, so when it comes to feeding and scheduling times each child will have their own schedule to follow in the infant room.

Our Rooms


  Note: The centre provides diapers for the children from the Infant Room until and including the Hunny Bear Room.